My grandpap died suddenly of a heart attack today.

He was a month and a half shy of turning eighty-five, my lucky number and personal [age] life goal. 

Much sorrow.  

Missed Connection - Taco Bell Girl - South County

To the cutest girl I’ve ever met- I call you a girl but you’re not. I worked with you for a short time, and you pride yourself for having an 84 year old womans soul. If circumstances were different I would have asked you out on a date the moment I met you. You’re beautiful and you are possibly the coolest most awesome person I have ever met. I don’t see you often and I haven’t for awhile, but when I do I always try to set you up with one of my friends. Don’t ask me why, I guess it’s so I can keep you somewhat in my life, and maybe live vicariously through a friend… I know its weird but it’s the only explanation I have. You put me in an odd situation, in that the one regret I have is not being able to say this to your face. I’ve moved on to greater things just like I know you’ll do soon enough. I don’t believe that there is one singular person for everyone. We are limited to proximity and time. I understand this and am still faced with regret for what might have been, and I know that whatever guy you decide upon had better be worthy of you.

Oh my goodness! I am 84% certain that this is about me! Excitement. I love Craigslist Missed Connections!!! :)

Here’s the link.

My Emailed Response:

Hello there. 

Perhaps I’m presumptuous in assuming that this is me, but I don’t think there are very many girls that refer to themselves as eighty-four-year-old women out there (let alone at South County Taco Bells). If I’m correct in this, you should know that I am more than elated to have a Missed Connection written about me. You know how much I love Craigslist and all other forms of online creepiness. 
And so I must submit my guess…
Mr. Green in the billiards room with the wrench!?
No? Well, damn. I really thought I had something there. 
*scrunches face and hopes that she’s right ‘cause if not this is going to be really, really awkward*